The Final Countdown

My wife and I love the latest Geico Insurance television ads that have been running.  Our favorite one features the Swedish heavy metal band Europe rocking out to their 1986 hit “The Final Countdown” inside a small corporate break room. The song begins as the cooking time expires on an employee’s burrito slowly rotating inside a microwave oven. As the song continues, a handful of lethargic employees on a lunch break are stunned by the sudden loud music and massive spark showers flying across the room. The ad closes with one of the employees gently shaking her hips to the thunderous music. In my opinion, this ad is absolutely hilarious (I have included the YouTube video below for your viewing enjoyment).

This song also declares the final chapter of a long chemotherapy journey for my wife and has become our anthem. After 17 weeks of treatments, we have one more to go. We are counting the days.

The outpouring of support during our time of need has been unprecedented. Words cannot begin to express the gratitude and love we feel at this time. We are both humbled and grateful. To all of you who have supported us, we thank you and love you. You have been a blessing beyond words.

When we cross this finish line, we are going to celebrate first with friends and family then privately. In February, we are taking a road trip down to Santa Barbara to reflect, celebrate, and acknowledge our blessings.

The road ahead of us awaits. It’s time to commence the final countdown.

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