Camp Attitude

My wife and I just returned from an amazing family camp in Oregon called Camp Attitude. What makes this camp unique is that it is specifically designed to serve families with special needs children. High school volunteers (or Buddies) are carefully vetted and properly trained to serve and handle the disabled children campers. This service gives parents a much needed respite from the day to day challenges of raising special needs children. It is an amazing camping experience that does not cost families a dime. All expenses for the camp are paid through generous donations.

One of the best parts about this special camp is that it was envisioned by and is run by people who completely understand the special needs community. There are so few places families with mild to profound disabled children can go and feel completely accepted, understood or accommodated. This is a camp where people like us totally belong. This is our camp home.

Occasionally during a talk or announcement, a non-verbal camper might let out an intelligible scream or utterance. No worries, it’s all part of the camping experience. Every activity is carefully thought out and is adapted for a different type of physical disability.

In the words of one of our friends who told us about this wonderful camp two years ago and whose family camped with us this past week: “This camp is heaven on earth”.

If you would like to know more about Camp Attitude or would like to make a donation, please visit their web site at:

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