Practicing medicine in the palm of your hand

The San Jose Mercury News recently did a story on the growing popularity of medical applications that run on smartphones like the iPhone 4.  With today’s advanced mobile devices and increasingly sophisticated software applications, today’s doctors no longer need to spend time fumbling through pockets of their lab coats searching for outdated medical manuals or rely on their exhausted memories in the heat of critical emergency room situations where lives hang in the balance.  All they have to do is reach for their smartphones and let their fingers do the searching.

While medical information has been widely available on the internet for years, it has just recently gone mobile with a growing number of medical applications that can be downloaded on smartphones.  When asked to choose between having a stethoscope or a smartphone, most doctors choose the smartphone.

Not only can medical information be easily accessed, photos and video chat can also be exchanged between doctors.  The possibilities are endless.

The following are popular medical applications that doctors currently use on their smartphones:

Pedi Stat.  This application is used to determine drug doses based on weight in kilograms and the size of the endotracheal tube inserted in a patient to aid in breathing.

Eponyms App.  This application is used to learn about hereditary conditions.

Epocrates App.  This application is used to determine what medications a patient could receive that would not trigger a dangerous reaction.

WeatherBug Elite.  This application is used to check weather forecasts to determine if conditions are favorable for a medical helicopter to land and transport a patient to another facility.

Medscape.  This application is used to find out information about different drugs.

iRadiology.  This application includes information on over 500 radiology cases.

MedPage Today Mobile.  This application provides breaking medical news.

Medical Radio.  This application is a product of ReachMD and provides XM satellite Radio broadcast feeds of live medical programs.

MedCalc.   This application is a medical calculator.

More information on smartphone medical applications can be found here.

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    Looking good – this is a great addition to DreamSimplicity’s blog!

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