What if advertising told the truth for a change?

What if todays advertising told it like it really is.  This thought came to me recently while watching the latest Carl’s Jr. ad on television.  I’m picking on Carl’s Jr. because they represent an easy target.  They clearly practice one of the core strategies of advertising: sex sells.  But is this necessary for selling fast food products?

The latest Carl’s Jr. ad features a young handsome stud sporting six-pack abs hidden under a tight white t-shirt.  He slowly and seductively devours an enormous Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger sandwich.  As he eats, the burger remains perfectly intact with no trace of leaking sauces.  His white shirt remains clean.  Chicks will totally dig this dude for sure.

Now imagine something closer to reality.  Picture an overweight average looking man sitting on a sofa eating the same burger.  As he sits, his shirt lifts up to expose his mounds of stacked fat.  With each bite of his burger, gobs of mustard, BBQ sauce, and ketchup leak out and splatter on his t-shirt.  When he finishes his meal, he pauses to belch then tilts his buttocks to pass some gas.  Man, if I saw an ad like this, I would be rolling on the floor laughing and heading to the nearest Carl’s Jr. for lunch. For me, Carl’s Jr. is all about delicious burgers and nothing else.

Think about it.  If you were hungry for a burger and fries, would you really care who was eating it in a television ad?  How could sexuality influence someones appetite?

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