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A thousand points of light from the clueless

A Boeing 767 airliner was on approach six miles out from Mineta San Jose International Airport during a night flight from Hawaii when all of sudden a brilliant flash of green light flooded the cockpit blinding the Captain.  The First Officer quickly assumed control of the … Continue reading

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An idea that does not compute in the workplace

Recently, I read a story in the San Jose Mercury News about a company called Anybots.  Founded in 2001 by a former Yahoo Engineer, Anybots is a cutting edge robotics company that manufactures a remote-controlled robot product called the QB. The device resembles … Continue reading

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Can new helmet technology reduce football concussions?

Today I was reading about the miraculous recuperation of Matthew Blea, a 17-year-old high school football player for San Jose High Academy.  On Thanksgiving Day 2009 while playing in an annual football game against a rival high school, Blea was hit and collapsed from a … Continue reading

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From rocket science to water guns

If you were to ask any child today if they know what a Super Soaker water gun is, they would probably say yes.  However, if you were to ask them who Lonnie G. Johnson is, they would probably scratch their heads.  Born … Continue reading

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Practicing medicine in the palm of your hand

The San Jose Mercury News recently did a story on the growing popularity of medical applications that run on smartphones like the iPhone 4.  With today’s advanced mobile devices and increasingly sophisticated software applications, today’s doctors no longer need to spend time … Continue reading

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The greatest ever

The first time I read that San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Jerry Rice would become a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2010, my first thought was: “what took so freekin’ long?”.   On Saturday, Jerry Rice joined 6 other football … Continue reading

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What if advertising told the truth for a change?

What if todays advertising told it like it really is.  This thought came to me recently while watching the latest Carl’s Jr. ad on television.  I’m picking on Carl’s Jr. because they represent an easy target.  They clearly practice one … Continue reading

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Could aviation become carbon neutral in the future?

During the Farnborough International Airshow festivities held July 19-25 in Farnborough England, an amazing announcement and demonstration was unveiled.  The European consortium European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (or EADS) test flew a small four seat propeller aircraft powered by algae juice.    As deadlines … Continue reading

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