Toys with a lasting purpose

Have you visited a chain toy megastore lately?  Do you become completely overwhelmed by the aisles and aisles of boxed toys that reach the ceiling?  Ever get so frustrated with trying to find just the right toy that you end up saying: “get me outta here” 

Let’s face it; the toy industry has flooded the market with thousands of junk toys that have short life cycles, useless flashy features, and no educational or development benefits whatsoever.  Many toy purchases are a direct result of rogue advertising that assaults impressionable children with false messages of need and instant gratification.  Toys are also purchased as a pacifier to quiet a screaming child and a negotiation tactic to get stubborn children to obey  

Now imagine a toy company that does not produce trendy toys or sell them in megastores.  Imagine a toy company where you can shop un-hurried in the comfort of your home or on-line and not be ambushed by aggressive ads or screaming children.  Does such a company exist?  Thankfully one does.  Its name is Discovery Toys

Founded in 1978 by Lane Nemeth, an early childhood educator, Discovery Toys is a direct sales company with a single focused mission statement consisting of three profound words: Teach. Play. Inspire. 

Discovery Toys’ product portfolio is broken down into 4 age categories: Infant (ages 0-12 months), Toddler (ages 1-3 years), Preschool (ages 3-5 years), and School Years (ages 5-8 years).  Each and every toy product is developed and designed around a concept called Learning Pathways where developmental skills including: thinking, exploration, math, motor (both gross and fine), reading and language, and expression are key to a successful interaction with the toy and aid in shaping the child’s young brain at a critical stage in its development.  

In addition to a good nutritional diet, children also need a good “play diet” consisting of the right mix of toys from the Learning Pathway skill categories.  Discovery Toys are durable, colorful, fun, safe, and are guaranteed for life.  Discovery Toys have been passed on from one generation to the next and have an eternal lasting value. 

The mission statement of Discovery Toys is described as follows on their website: 


Discovery Toys creates highly engaging learning toys, books, games, and music that help parents and others teach learning skills through play. 




Discovery Toys ignites the imagination and interests of children as they learn and grow through play each day. 

Sunshine Market

Sunshine Market


Discovery Toys inspires learning!  Our products not only inspire children to learn, they inspire parents and educators to teach and learn with them. 

Motorworks Train

Motorworks Train

More information on Discovery Toys, their quality products, and information on starting your own business, can be found here

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