Eye candy from 35,000 feet

I love to fly.  When I was much younger, I wanted to be an Airline Pilot and fly all over the world.  I think Airline Pilots have the coolest jobs.  They are like Rock Stars to me. 

When I fly solo, I always request a window seat.  If I can’t get a window, I might negotiate with my neighbor to switch seats.  When I travel with my family, however, I always have to battle with my 10-year-old for the window seat.  While others are tapping away on their laptops or taking a nap, I spend a good part of the flight staring out the window.  On a cloudless daytime flight, you can see some amazing sights at high altitudes.  To be able to view an entire major city framed in a window is fascinating.   If you really think about it, flying in an airliner gives one the only opportunity to see the world from the safety and protection of a pressurized cabin.  Granted, airline travel is not what it used to be and is not always the most comfortable or preferred mode of transportation.  People complain endlessly about being shoved into a “tube” with no leg room breathing stale, un-circulated air.   But let’s face it, the environment outside an aircraft fuselage is un-survivable, frigid, and downright nasty.  Personally, I would rather chow on a $10 sandwich and chips while watching a sanitized airline movie on a 4 inch screen with a busted left earpiece on my headphones.

If I was given the opportunity to become any animal for a week, I would choose to be a bird.  Having the immediate ability to take to the air would be mind-blowing.  The changing perspective from ground to air would be exhilarating.

My next plane flight is just around the corner.  I cannot wait to takeoff.

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