Filling up with electrons instead of gas

As a followup to my post on Tesla Motors (6/27/10), I thought I would do a post on 4 companies manufacturing charging stations for electric vehicles.  The 4 leading companies involved in this effort are: General Electric, Coulomb Technologies, Better Place, and Clipper Creek.

General Electric

General Electric’s (GE) WattStation vehicle charging station was introduced on July 13th.  Designed by Yves Behar, the device resembles a sleek high-tech bar stool design with an angled frisbee shaped control console.  GE claims the station can fully charge a vehicle in about 4-8 hours.  The WattStation will have wireless technology that can alert motorists to its availability and location.  The WattStation will be commercially available in 2011.  More information on the WattStation can be found here.

GE's WattStation

GE's WattStation

Coulomb Technologies

Founded in 2007 and based in Campbell California, Coulomb Technologies started rolling out its ChargePoint products in January 2009 and has already installed charging stations in 27 US States, Canada and Europe.  The charging stations are available in three configurations: wall mount, pole mount, and tower.  Coulomb claims its stations can fully charge a vehicle in about 4 hours.  More information on the ChargePoint can be found here.

Coulomb's ChargePoint

Coulomb's ChargePoint

Better Place

Founded in 2007 and based in Palo Alto California, Better Place is developing a network of Charge Spots and plans to start deploying charging devices sometime in 2010 with commercial sales beginning in 2012.  Better Place claims its station can fully charge a vehicle in about 4-8 hours.  More information on Charge Spots can be found here.

Better Place's Charge Spot

Better Place's Charge Spot

Clipper Creek

Founded in 2006 and based in Auburn California, Clipper Creek recently signed a deal on April 30th with Tesla Motors to be the exclusive vehicle charging equipment supplier for the Tesla RoadsterClipper Creek claims that its stations can fully charge a vehicle in about 1-3 hours.  More information on Clipper Creek products can be found here.

Clipper Creek's TS Line

Clipper Creek's TS Line

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