Gaga over Gaga eyes

It’s hard to ignore pop star Lady Gaga nowadays.  She appears everywhere thanks to the tireless efforts of the paparazzi.  In my opinion, she is basically today’s female version of Elton John, David Bowie, and Fee Waybill (The Tubes).  Nothing new here.  While I find her outrageous fashions too bizarre for girls and young women to follow, there is one unexpected trend that she has inspired-big eyes.  In the video Bad Romance, Lady Gaga is shown frolicking in a bathtub  while staring into the camera with enormous computer generated eyes.  Hundreds of young women around the world have been trying to copy this by using an illegal product called Circle Lenses.  Circle Lenses are considered cosmetic eye decorations but are also marketed as corrective lenses.  They can be purchased without a prescription and are classified as contraband in the United States. Circle Lenses are imported from Asia and are widely available on-line selling for about $20-$30 a pair.

Circle Lenses come in different colors and are much larger than regular contact lenses.  The edge of the lense extends beyond the iris and makes the eye open up more giving the user a doe-eyed appearance.  The lenses are extremely popular in Asian countries where young women want to achieve the Anime look (based on the popular Japanese animation series).  This trend has alarmed the Ophthalmology community prompting a stern warning from the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  In its statement, the AAO warned: “We would like to alert consumers to the hazards of buying any decorative lenses, including circle lenses, without a prescription. Any type of contact lens is a medical device that requires a prescription, proper fitting by an eye care professional and a commitment to proper care by the consumer.  Inflammation and pain can occur from improperly fitted, over-the-counter lenses and lead to more serious problems including corneal abrasions and blinding infections.”

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  1. WriteCards says:

    Dave, catching up here. I’m waaaaaayyyyyy behind on your posts. However, I wanted to comment that in 2008, when I went to Beijing to film a video series on English, I was asked to abandon my eyeglasses. Now . . . I can’t see past the end of my nose without my glasses, so I had to go purchase some contact lenses. (I had switched from contacts to progressive bifocals in 2006.) The ONLY contact lenses I could find were these “circle” lenses! There were no simply clear lenses in the entire eyeglass market . . . and it was a huge market!

    While it is true that you need to be fitted for contact lenses, it is also true that in China, employees in the eyeglass stores can do the measuring and fitting. No need to go to an eye doctor and pay an eye doctor’s fee! (Although doc fees over here are minimal.)

    (Can you believe that I couldn’t describe Lady Gaga if my life depended upon it? Well, if my life depended on it, I guess I would say she’s the current generation’s Madonna/Cyndi Lauper!)

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