Will Verizon Wireless carry the iPhone?

With the debut of the new iPhone 4 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday, I was hoping Steve Jobs might address the rumor that Verizon Wireless plans to carry the phone.  This possibility brings many questions.  It’s obvious that Verizon is deeply committed to Google Android and handset maker HTC and is finally making some headway against the iPhone and AT&T in the smart phone market.  Moreover, Verizon’s network infrastructure appears more prepared to handle heavy bandwidth traffic than AT&T (who has clearly been overwhelmed and unprepared by the explosion of the iPhone).  Will Apple simply become fed up with AT&T’s shortcomings and sluggishness and also sign a deal with Verizon?  If Apple wants to grow the sales of its iPhones, why not expand to another carrier who has proven its ready to deliver?  With Apple and Google the main players, will they want to battle within the same carrier or separately?  Time will tell.

More information on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference can be found here.

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